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Caucasus Mountain Tours is a dynamic company specialized in tours throughout the North-Caucasus. We have a passion for this area and its people, because of the we recognize the unique geographical and cultural aspects of this region. The Caucasus is a place of unique landscapes, which contains a biodiversity. At the same time is this region home for many people groups that have their own fascinating cultures and languages.

Our roots are in the Netherlands and Great Britain and we have lived in Russia since 2013. Living in Russia has been an enriching life experience. Russia is a fascinating country which contains a wide variety of people groups and cultures.

Living and traveling for more than 5 years in Russia has made us eager to share our experience with other travelers. Our knowledge of the language and the culture enables us to provide and select tours that are a right fit for travelers, who want to experience the Caucasus and Russia.

Company values

We want to provide pleasant and interesting tours for our guests. We want our guests to enjoy their holliday with a minimum of things to worry about. We want them to enjoy the North-Caucasus and provide them valuable information about this area. We see our clients as our guests who we want to give the best possible service and the most unique experience.

We also want to serve the local communities through our eco-community approach. We want local communities to benefit socially and economically from income through tourism. We respect the local people and their cultures. We aim to pay fair prices for services provided by the local communities. We also respect nature and biodiversity as given to us to enjoy and not to harm. We select our tours to minimize harm and to enhance knowledge about the nature and biodiversity.  

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