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This tour brings you in three days through the highlights of Dagestan. While we visit mountainous villages, stay in guesthouses you will experience the culture and history of the Dagestani people. The sample itinery we offer here, could be adjusted to your specific desires and time limit. This tour can be done on its own or in combination with other tours such as a tour to the capitals of Russia or climbing Elbrus.

Sample itinery

Day 1: Arrival

You will get your transfer to a hotel in Makhachkala. From here you will have a transfer to the city Derbent. The transfer will be about 2,5 hours

Day 2: Derbent

This morning we will start exploring Derbent. Derbent is Russia's most ancient and most southern located city. As a border city it has been throughout the ages influenced by several empires, traders, religions and cultures. We will visit the Synagogue, the Armenian-Byzantine church with its museum. Special landmark is the 12th century Citadel Narin-Kala. From this point the rulers of Derbent controlled the lower city and its trade route along this small stroke of land between the Caucasus mountains and the Caspian Sea.

Later in the afternoon we will leave to Izberbash, where you can have a dip in the hotsprings.

Day 3: Central Dagestan, Avar settlements.

This morning we go up into the mountians to Untsukul. The road leads us over the mountain pass. While approaching Untsukul, we will see the reconstructed towerfrom which Shamil, the Avar religious-leader/warrior, jumped from, to land behind the circle of besieging Russian soldiers, slaying a few as he escaped.

After arriving in the town of Untsukul we will meet a local artisan at work. After tea with his family, we will go for a jeep ride to Kahab-roso and the nearby ruins, and hear the life story of the famous local poet, Makhmud.

Tonight we will stay in a guest house in Shamil-kala. This nicely landscaped homestead is built on the slope with a view of the beautiful canyon and reservoir which feeds the hydroelectric dam.

Day 4: High Plains of Hunzakh

After breadfast we set out for the high plains of Hunzakh, and grip the rail as you peer down into the deep rift canyon, following the water spume falling over the edge. We will visit the interesting courtyard museum where you see household and cultural artifacts from the pre-Islamic period, when the Kingdom of Seir ruled the confederation of Avar tribes. Before the end of the day we return to Makhachkala, where we check in, in our hotel.

Day 5: Leaving

Today you will leave from the airport in Makhachkala. Depending on your flight time, you might have some time to explore the capital of Dagestan.